Gregory Jones – A Steadying Force for the Argo D

We feel like we’ve been on the road all season. Wherever we go it’s not going to get us. We’re just going to play hard and have fun - Greg Jones

TORONTO – One week before playing in Superbowl XLVI for the New York Giants current day starting Argo Linebacker Greg Jones decided he was going to propose to his then fiancée on the field immediately after the game.

“I was planning to propose while on vacation in Mexico but I found out through a fellow teammate of mines wife that she had gotten word of it. That’s when I decided to propose after the game win lose or draw.”

Anybody capable of pulling off an audible like that is exactly the type of football player best suited to deal with the many audible this 2015 CFL season has thrown at the Toronto Argonauts.

As the Double Blue prepare for their second home game away from home, this time in Ottawa against the host/visiting REDBLACKS, Jones understands focusing on what you can control is a huge step in ensuring a victory.

“We feel like we’ve been on the road all season. Wherever we go it’s not going to get us. We’re just going to play hard and have fun.”

A Digital Illustration of Toronto Argonauts Greg Jones produced by Matthew Sharpe of follow him at @daringsharpe & @CFLPrime

While currently third in the CFL East Division another victory for the Double Blue would put them in a tie with Ottawa for second place.  Given their two previous victories against the REDBLACKS there is little that these two teams don’t know about each other. That familiarity is further tested given that at least from the Argos side of the ball this is a back to back game. It’s a scenario that Jones knows can present it’s fair share of challenges.

“That can be difficult because you need to really have faith in the game plan. You can’t really think about whether something worked or didn’t work last week but just stay true on executing this week.”

Born and raised in Cincinnati Jones has emerged as a leader on the Argo defense. He currently sits fifth in the league in total tackles and after only two seasons in the CFL has quickly emerged as a player who can dominate a game with both his speed and strength. And so with two-thirds of the season over the former Michigan State graduate is very clear why he’s been so successful.

“I’ve been fortunate to not have to deal with many injuries this season. Being able to continue to train and getting stretched out our some of the biggest challenges during a football season. Thankfully I’ve been able to stay strong and workout even on those days when maybe I didn’t want to.”

Unfortunately some of his teammates haven’t been able to avoid the injury bug. Injuries to fellow Linebackers Brandon Isaac and Cory Greenwood has resulted Jones having to get used to changing teammates alongside of him. A point hammered home last week when National Linebacker Thomas Miles made his first career start.

“That can be an adjustment but we got a lot of capable Guys on D and we have a lot of leaders on D of which I’m one, who really make sure that we’re all in the right spots and taking care of our assignment.”

Thomas would go on to lead the team in with seven tackles, one more than Jones.

Scheduling issues aside when at home in Toronto the second year Argo has enjoyed his time in the 416.

“I just love the diversity of Toronto. Wit so many different people and cultures I feel like I’m constantly learning more and more about Canada and Toronto every day.“

And while he intends on taking his now wife (oh yeah I forgot to mention she said yes) to his 2nd favourite Canadian city Vancouver on vacation someday, Argo fans hope Jones continues to grow roots in Toronto both on and off the field.

Written by Anthony Ciardulli

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