Jr Admiral


Anthony Coombs

Travis goes one on one with the Toronto Argonauts #1 Draft Pick Anthony Coombs

Shae Emry

Travis tackles the Argonauts big Free Agent pick up, Shea Emry

Jeff Keeping

Travis the Jr. Admiral tackles Toronto Argonauts and 2013 East Division Most Outstanding Lineman Jeff Keeping in the latest edition of 4 Questions. Travis and Jeff give us their best New Zealand All Blacks inspired “Haka” Face.

Marcus Ball

Travis the Jr Admiral caught up with a very excited Marcus Ball.

Jason Barnes

Torotno Argonauts WR Jason “The Barber” Barnes helped out Travis the Jr. Admiral with some advice on his next Hair Tattoo

Jermaine Gabriel

Travis the Jr. Admiral asks Toronto Argonauts Safety Jermaine Gabriel why he is so much better than everyone else on the field when the ball is kicked.

Don Landry

Travis takes on broadcasting legend Don Landry before Don flips the script

Ricky Ray

Travis the Jr. Admiral stopped by Toronto Argonauts practice to wish Ricky Ray a Happy Birthday

Andre Durie

Travis the Jr. Admiral finds out how many positions the Toronto Argonauts “Swiss Army Knife” Andre Durie can play on the football field

Pat Watkins

Travis the Jr. Admiral travels to Watkins Island for a visit with Pat Watkins

John Chiles

Travis the Jr. Admiral goes one on one with the “Touchdown” Machine” John Chiles

Shane Horton

Travis the Jr. Admiral learns about the ways of the Dark Side from “Darth” Shane Horton

Chad Rempel

Travis learns the art of the long snap from one of the best in the business, Chad Rempel of the Toronto Argonauts.

Robert McCune

Travis the Jr. Admiral of the Toronto Argonauts Argos Admirals discovers the power of Robert “The Hammer” McCune

Joe Eppele & Mike Bradwell

Unicorns and Lawn Care highlight this edition of 4 Questions as Travis the Jr. Admiral talks to Mike Bradwell and Joe Eppele at the same time.

Chad Owens

Travis the Jr. Admiral Challenges the reigning CFL MOP Chad Owens to a Race!

Noel Prefontaine

Travis the Jr. Admiral Learns how to kick a field goal from future CFL Hall of Famer Noel Prefontaine

Curtis Steele

Travis the Jr. Admiral finds out what Toronto Argonauts Running Back Curtis Steele is made of.

Chris Van Zeyl

Travis the Jr. Admiral finds out what part Toronto Argonauts Offensive Lineman Chris Van Zeyl’s beard plays in his downtime.

Jalil Carter

Travis learns the art of defending the “Out Route” from DB Jalil Carter

Chad Kackert

Travis grills one of his favorite Argos and 100th Grey Cup MOP Chad Kackert

Khalif Mitchell

Travis finds out What Quarterbacks taste like from Khalif Mitchell

Mitchell Gale

Travis talks with Rookie QB and YouTube sensation Mitchell Gale

Kevin Huntley

Travis caught up with Kevin Huntley during Training Camp to find out what leaves a sour taste in his mouth.

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