3rd Down Gambles – Week 16

Weekly thoughts from the minds of the Argos Admirals

Here are this week’s quick thoughts about the Argos.

🏈 When the Argos travel to Ottawa for Tuesday’s game they will technically be the home team. I wonder if their game ops crew will have access to the electronic screens in the stadium…would be nice to see the stadium bathed in blue.

🏈 Will the Argos be able to use the *home dressing room in Tuesday’s game? Would it create any competitive balance by making the RedBlacks change their routine or would it just provoke them to play harder?

🏈 Here’s hoping that somebody good at these things has a meme prepared reflecting that the TD in #TDPLace stands for #TorontoDominion. #HomeTeam

🏈 According to RedBlacks owner Jeff Hunt on a radio spot last week, the Argos are in a position to receive the proceeds for ticket sales. I like the fact that they are playing in Ottawa. As Mr. Hunt mentioned, there’s probably not a lot of walk-up crowd to see these two teams play in Hamilton.

🏈 Will Argos PA announcer Don Landry make the trip. Can he trick the crowd into being loud at the wrong times? Even if he could get them to boo every single time would add to the atmosphere.

🏈 If Toronto ends up hosting Calgary in Hamilton on Oct, 17, who will the crowd cheer for? There’s the long-standing hatred for the Argonauts, who are hunting them down for first place, but can they really cheer for the Stampeders, who have beaten the Ticats 10 straight games. The last time Hamilton beat the Stamps was in Sept. 2011 when Glenn and Burris were the respective starting QB’s. Or do they hope for a tie, which is like kissing your sister. (When in Hamilton…)

🏈 Speaking of Burris, hard not to appreciate his outstanding game against the Alouettes.  He had 45 completions and a ton of yards through the air. The Argos defence will need to step up again to keep the Ottawa offence off the field. Hopefully it helps that this will be the RedBlacks third game in 10 days, while the BlueBlues are coming off a long week between games.

🏈 Ricky Foley is a good player, but I think his biggest value seems to come in his leadership skills. He’s won three Grey Cups and that experience will come in handy for a young defensive squad as the weather gets colder and the games get tighter. It’s not easy to measure so-called intangibles, but I believe it’s an important factor in any team or workplace success.

🏈 It’s easy to have a dislike for the other sports teams in a town that compete for fans in the seats, and the money in their wallets. But it’s important to consider the concept that success creates success in communities. Look at how successful Boston sports team were over a decade with the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics. Pittsburgh’s hockey and football team won championships in the same year. In 1980 Philadelphia had teams in the finals for all four major sports leagues, winning two of them.

It wasn’t until after the Argos won the 100th Grey Cup on home turf that the power suits seemed to start making good decisions that would result in building winners for the city’s other sports teams. Hopefully the Argos will have a chance to orchestrate another parade this fall.

Lead the way Argonauts.

🏈 Speaking of schedules and Grey Cups, have you put a deposit on your tickets yet? #GreyCup2016

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