What PINK Means to Me


The Toronto Argonauts will hit the field on Sunday afternoon at Rogers Centre with the rare opportunity to secure a season-series victory over their Eastern Division rivals, the Montreal Alouettes and climb into a tie for first place in the East.

However, none of that will be discussed in the following blog post.

After listening to the inspirational story of my fellow Admiral, Aaron Rabinovits and his mom’s battle with cancer, I decided to take the opportunity to express my inner feelings regarding this week’s CFL PINK game.

The CFL PINK week honours all the women who have lived their lives battling cancer. The colour PINK holds plenty of significance to many people and in many different ways.

Argonauts’ linebacker, Brandon Isaac and defensive lineman, Kevin Huntley know just how serious cancer can be. Isaac lost his mother to cancer this past May and will have a heavy-heart as he dons the PINK shoes, gloves, and wristbands on the field during this week’s game against the Als. Huntley’s grandmother is a Breast Cancer survivor and he is happy that the CFL has introduced a method in which he can honour his grandmother while playing the sport he loves.

My connection to the PINK game stems from a most recent tragedy. At the beginning of the 2012 CFL season, my Grandmother was diagnosed with cancer in multiple parts of her body. She has been undergoing treatment over the course of the summer and is set to begin a three-month session of radiation treatment from October through December.

Daily visits to the hospital and large doses of treatment have certainly had an impact on my Grandmother. She is weak and tired. The PINK game gives me an outlet to express my love for my Grandmother. The CFL PINK week honours everyone who has experienced the pain and suffering of cancer.

Cancer has most definitely affected all of our lives in some form or another. Whether it’s a family member, relative, or friend, it is very likely that we have all known someone who has been a victim of this deadly disease. 

The CFL PINK game allows us to have a mutual connection between the players and fans. We are fighting a mutual fight; it is about finding a cure for the most detrimental disease in the world.

We owe a great thanks to retired offensive lineman and former Argonaut, Taylor Robertson who began the PINK initiative last season prior to retirement. Robertson is the creator of the “Life on the Line” Breast Cancer foundation, which raises money in support of Breast Cancer Research. Robertson must be credited for his tremendous work in assisting the CFL in creating this annual event. Taylor lost his mother to Breast Cancer when he was just seven years old.

This Sunday is not simply about football or a battle for East Division supremacy. Although we each cheer for different CFL teams, this week we come together as the CFL community to honour and pray for those past and present that have suffered from cancer.

The PINK has taken on a new meaning. It is recognized as a symbol of passion, pride, and love. It represents the pain and suffering of all of those individuals that have lost their lives to cancer.

Let us wear the PINK with pride and humility. We shall raise awareness for a great cause. With the exception of Grey Cup week, this is without a doubt my favourite time to be a Toronto Argonauts fan. I am thankful that the CFL has provided me with the opportunity to express my love for my grandmother. It is usually all about football but Sunday afternoon will carry a variety of emotions and will certainly be more than just a Week Sixteen, regular season football game.

 – Daniele Franceschi – 

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