What the Pink Game Means to Me

This is my mom ringing the remission bell at Toronto General Hospital after she was put in clinical remission from stem cell cancer!

This is my mom ringing the remission bell at Toronto General Hospital after she was put in clinical remission from stem cell cancer!

Typically, I prefer not to write articles from my perspective.  Also, I prefer not to write articles in the first person, especially when writing from an account like this.  This situation is different.  With the annual PINK game knocking on or doorsteps, I felt like this was the perfect outlet to really express what the PINK game means to me, as truthfully it means a lot.  I am writing this to hopefully touch a few people, while giving the typical input on our Toronto Argos.  Why does the PINK game mean so much to me? Well, my mom has cancer.

PINK game originated as the game to support breast cancer, and has recently been altered to support women’s cancer.  My mom has neither.  A couple of years ago, she was diagnosed with Multiple Myaloma, a rare cancer that a

ttacks stem cells, and is typically found in African-American males over the age of 65.  It is also an incurable cancer.  After about a year of chemotherapy she was finally put into remission, but a bad reaction to the drugs caused her heart to fail.  After                         having both a pace-maker and defibulator surgically implanted, we finally began to think she ma be on a steady pace to recovery, but boy were we wrong.  Recently, she was diagnosed with kidney cancer, again not a woman specific cancer.  After going through surgery to have 40% of her kidney removed, it looks as if though she could be finally at peace, but I try not to jynx anything. 

So some may ask, how could the PINK game mean anything to me? Ya sure my mom has cancer, but the PINK game is for WOMEN’S cancer, not just any cancer! Bolgone, I say! To me, cancer is cancer, a viscous and painful disease which attacks many, but affects everyone.  Because of this disease and how close it is to me, I can understand the pain that family members of the victim’s feel. 

To me, although the PINK game specifically says that it is the game to support women’s cancer, to me, it is the game to support cancer.  I feel it is a game to honor men, women, and children who have either passed away or survived this awful disease.  Yea, on the video the words “Women’s Cancer” may be up in lights, but every single survivor, deceased, or family member of the victims will be the ones with shining smiles.  Personally, being the family member, I will be smiling that entire game know that SOMETHING, anything, is being done to support the cause.  I can only imagine how my mom will feel sitting there watching. 

If I could teach people one thing from this blog post, it is that cancer is cancer.  It hurts, it kills, and it affects EVERYONE.  We cannot fight the whole disease at once, so we must take it down step-by-step.  This PINK game is a huge step, and from the bottom of my heart, I would like to send a personal thank you to everyone who contributed through this game, or any other form of donation, as you will help save many lives. 

P.S. If the Alouttes win, they will host a playoff game this year, so you know what that means…. GO ARGOS GO!

-Aaron Rabinovits

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