Get To Know Argonauts Kicker Swayze Waters

CAMBRIDGE – As I am getting more involved in being an Argos Admiral, I find myself looking more into the team and interacting with the players via Twitter, or talking to them when I have gone to practice. I began speaking to Swayze Waters on twitter just recently about random fan-related topics. I asked him if he would be kind enough to answer some “Fun Fact” questions in order for fans, like myself, to get to know him better. He agreed with no hesitation.

As I awaited his responses to my questions, I did a little background check on the Argonauts kicker.

While his astonishing YouTube video certainly caught my eye, there was so much more that I discovered about Swayze.

So here you go Argos fans – information about our kicker Swayze Waters and some “Fun Fact” Questions…

Waters attended college at Alabama-Birmingham where he majored in Business Management and played football as a member of the Blazers football program. In 2005, as a freshman, Waters was the team’s kickoff specialist. The following season, he also assumed the Blazers’ field goal duties. In his junior year, Waters was named to the First-Team All-Conference USA and was a finalist for the Lou Groza Award. He was 8-for-10 on field goal attempts within the range of 40-49 yards and went 3-for-4 when lining up for field goals beyond 50 yards. Throughout his collegiate career, Waters averaged a sensational 41.4 yards per punt.

From 2009 – 2011, Waters was on three different NFL teams. In 2009, he signed with the Detroit Lions as an undrafted free agent. He was later released by the club just days prior to the kickoff of the 2009 regular season.

During the 2010 NFL off-season, Waters inked a free agent contract with the Oakland Raiders. Waters participated in the teams training camp but was released by the club prior to the beginning of the regular season.

In 2011, Waters signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers and participated in the teams training camp prior to being released on September 2, 2011.

Following his stint in the NFL, Waters made his way north of the border to the CFL where he signed with the Edmonton Eskimos. However, two weeks into the 2012 regular season, Waters was once again on the free agent market.

Following a serious hip injury to kicker Noel Prefontaine, Argonauts general manager Jim Barker quickly scattered through the free agent market for a temporary replacement. The Argonauts signed Waters on July 15, 2012, just five days following his departure from Edmonton.

He went on to dress in 14 regular season games with the Argonauts and was the team’s starting kicker throughout their playoff run. In the 100th Grey Cup game, Waters was 2-for-2 on field goals en route to capturing his first Grey Cup.

Fun Fact Questions

Football Related Questions:

JG: Who inspired you to play football?
Swayze: “No one really. In the south it’s just something you do as a kid.”

JG: Who was your football “role model”?
Swayze: “I like Tony Dungy. (I) Like his style on and off the field.”

JG: What position are you playing with the Argos?
Swayze: “Kicker and punter.”

JG: What number are you wearing for the Argos?
Swayze Waters: “30.”

JG: How long have you been with the Argos?
Swayze: “Second year.”

JG: What was your initial reaction when you realized that you had just won the 100th Grey Cup?
Swayze: “I couldn’t believe it.”

JG: Being that you’re not on the field at all times, how do you keep your focus before you have to kick?
Swayze: “(I) Stay relaxed on the sideline and in tune with the game to be ready at all times.”

JG: What has been your longest CFL field goal?
Swayze: “52 yards.”

JG: Longest punt?
Swayze: “63 yards.”

Random Questions:

JG: What is your all-time favourite movie?
Swayze: “The Patriot.”

JG: What is your favourite TV show?
Swayze: “The Wonder Years.”

JG: Favorite job you’ve had?
Swayze: “Fellowship of Christian Athletes rep in MS and pro football.”

JG: Favorite Christian music band or singer?
Swayze: “David Crowder.”

JG: Favorite Non-Christian band or singer?
Swayze: “Chris Knight and Jimmy Buffet.”

JG: What’s one song that always gets you to sing out loud?
Swayze: “Garth Brooks’ ‘That Summer’.”

JG: If you could go back in time to any time period, where would you go?
Swayze: “Pre technology era.”

JG: Do you have a certain quote or motto that you live by? And if so what is it?
Swayze: “’Aim small, miss small’ from The Patriot.”

JG: Which do you prefer – Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
Swayze: “Coca-Cola.”

JG: Rain or Snow?
Swayze: “Rain.”

JG: Singing or dancing?
Swayze: “Singing.”

JG: Coffee or Tea?
Swayze: “Black coffee and sweet tea.”

You can find and follow our punter/kicker on Twitter: @swayzewaters, I’m looking forward to another great year from Swayze and hope that he can help lead us on the #Road2Repeat for the 101st Grey Cup! Good Luck, Mr. Waters!

Follow me, the #BeardedAdmiral, on Twitter: @argosadmiral_jg.

– JG Green –

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