Argos Admirals On YouTube


The Argos Admirals are finally taking over YouTube! It has certainly been a long time coming but your social media guru’s are now on the best visual social media platform on the planet!

There is currently only limited content posted on our channel but do not worry Argos fans, there will be plenty of more where that came from and we are sure to make our channel the most interactive on YouTube.

The Admirals channel will provide fans with exclusive interviews from their favorite players as well as news and insights from our incredible Admirals crew.

We will be conducting a few contests on our YouTube channel and potential prizes for winners may include tickets to an Argos home game and Argonauts merchandise.

We also want fans to have the opportunity to have their voices heard all across the CFL! The Admirals want fans to create their own videos as we will choose the most dedicated Argos supporters and have some of their videos posted on our channel.

The YouTube channel is all about our phenomenal Argonauts fan base! This is one of the very few social media outlets that allows for us to connect with fans from a more realistic and visual perspective. We want to see how our fans prepare for games, celebrate victories, and even occasionally deal with defeat.

This season has truly been remarkable for the Argos Admirals and if it were not for our amazing supporters, we would not be able to produce such fantastic content on all of our social media platforms.

Therefore, on behalf of all the Admirals, we would like to thank all of our tremendous Argos fans for their dedication so far this season and we hope that you will enjoy all of the content that will be posted on our new YouTube channel.

Take a look at our new YouTube channel:

– Daniele Franceschi –

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