What it looks like to be an Argos fan (A collection of fan memories).

Whether you’re 6 years old or 86-years-old, it seems every Argos fan has a story that has become one of their fondest memories. This week, we reached out to Canadians and asked them what it means to be an Argos fan. These stories bring families together and make everyone feel like an important part of the team. 


The fans have spoken:

“I was 6 years old when my brother Dave took me to an Argos game. I live in Ottawa, and I am a big fan. I try to go to a couple of games. I went my first grey cup in 2016 and one last year in Ottawa .” – Ray

“I don’t even live in Toronto, but I have been to Argos games here in BC, and it was the best. Love my Argos, definitely gave me hope when I wanted to play for the CFL and I love how all the players have class and are role models” – Jot

“I love the family atmosphere among fans and players. It makes me feel part of the team…I was also able to ride the train with the team back from Ottawa in 2004 and was handed the cup from Jonathan Brown.” – Scott. D

“I’m originally from Mexico. I grew up watching the NFL and never heard about the CFL until moving to Canada 14 years ago. Maybe because I like history and football, but learning about the history of the Argos and the uniqueness of the sport made love the game (and the team). I became a season ticket holder this year ” – Rodrigo

“My family and I enjoy going to Argo games and both of my boys joined The Kids Club. We met Damon Allen once and also Michael Copeland. My 6 and 9-year-old enjoy watching the game on TV but love the experience at BMO field.” – Michael. H

“My best friend and her husband won a field view, a two-storey suite at the Skydome Hotel during the baseball strike, and we used it to watch a game between Toronto and Hamilton. While we enjoyed watching the mascots attack each other, things looked desperate for my beloved boys in double-blue heading into the fourth quarter. But miraculously, the Argos had a big comeback to win the game, and it all happened right underneath our window!” – Nancy. M


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“We started going to Argos games when our daughter was 6, and she was doing the junior cheer program. This is her last year, she was probably the longest one to be there (she participated for 9 years). We drive 3 hours to get to the games and 3 hours home, and we always have a great time, win or lose. We have met quite a few friends along the way and now consider them family. We are always loud and proud of our Argos! #doublebluefansalways – Sherry. Q

“There is no other team in this city where you can approach a player and feel welcomed as one of their own. The players are so fan-friendly and are not afraid to interact with their fans, especially the young ones.” – Marco

“Ever since I was 12-years-old I watched the Toronto Argonauts, they’ve always been my team. I have watched and followed them all these years, and I’m 54! The last 2 years I’ve had the wonderful and blessed opportunity to be a season ticket holder in section 125 with amazing seats. Even when we weren’t doing so well, I just loved going and being there… the atmosphere at BMO field is amazing.
Thanks for some great games and memories. The 104th Grey Cup when Ottawa won was electrifying, what an atmosphere! Even this year’s Grey Cup, what a game. Never count out your team; great people, great game, excellent memories!” – Jeff. H

“I used to go to games at Exhibition Stadium with my mom when I was a kid. Later on, I started taking my girlfriend, now wife. We’ve had season tickets the past 5 years, so now I take my kids. I have always loved the Argos. Last year’s story came to an exciting head after the Argos won the Grey Cup and Pinner took my buddy Greg and I down to celebrate with the guys. #lockerroomparty– Rusty


“One of my favourite memories is just being a fan, and all the great people that I’ve met and the new friendships that I’ve made since I’ve been a season-ticket holder in 2014.  I also need to give credit where credit is due, and that is sitting with the Argolifers. They really help bring me out of my shell, to not be afraid to make more noise and get into the game. They also helped me become a die-hard fan which allowed me to come up with the idea of Argo Vader (the other reason I came up with the idea was actually because of Shane Horton he was one of my favourites, he’s also a  die-hard Star Wars fan, which gave me the idea it was my respect to him my love for Star Wars and of course my love for the Argos)” Argo Vader/Steve. R











“My son likes watching sports with me, It’s one of our things but when the Argos are on it goes to another level. He watches every play, every angle, EVERY PLAYER and wants to be just like them. Most kids would say hockey or baseball is what they love to play but my son wants to be a wide receiver for the Argos when he grows up. He wants to wear the double-blue and I cannot wait to be sitting at BMO watching him. #ArgosForever– James

“It means memories…memories of growing up and watching the Argos play. Loving the CFL game. Memories of ’91 and The Rocket’s return. The Flutie Era and the classic Grey Cup in the Hammer. The 100th Grey Cup with my Dad, I watched the Argos win the Grey Cup in person. Moving to Australia and streaming the games at all hours of the day and helping it feel more like home. Watching the 105th Grey Cup from Australia. Memories and pride.” – ClawDigital

“From a very young age, I didn’t have a choice but to be an Argos fan. My dad was a season ticket holder before I was even born, and as soon as I could recognize what a football was, I was an Argo fan. Being an Argo fan has meant everything to me. No matter whether my dad, brother and I were fighting or getting along, for 3 hours every week we were united. My dad and I have always had a solid relationship, however, the one thing that unites us more than anything is the success of the Toronto Argonauts. Unfortunately, my brother had a serious accident that left him paralyzed, and we were lucky enough to go to the 100th Grey Cup. It was an amazing opportunity to escape reality and it was a chance to see my brother truly happy. Lastly this past year, my brother and dad decided they were going to attend the East Finals. Now I’m currently at University and hadn’t seen them for months, but I took my girlfriend to her first Argo game and met with my family at the game. That’s what being an Argo fan means to me. It’s an escape from reality, it brings families together, it offers an amazing opportunity to spend quality time with those you love, but most importantly, it’s about hating the Tiger-Cats.” – Kurt. H

“I started going to games with my uncle in the early ’90s, he was a longtime ‘Friend of the Argonauts’ and season ticket holder. After he passed in 2000 I saw ‘Pinball’s final run’ from his seats. I’ve since witnessed 3 Argos Grey Cup wins live, and attend 3+ games a year, even though I live 3 hours away. My uncle introduced me to a wonderful, historic and vibrant team and I’ll always appreciate that. I love our team and our league, Argoooooos!” – Mary. A


“I’m a lifelong Toronto Argonauts fan, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when [my son] Liam started playing catch with Argo Legend, Michael “Pinball” Clemons, in the departure lounge in the New Brunswick airport.  Our Toronto bound flight was delayed,  we’d just watched our team play in a competitive game against the Edmonton Eskimos.  The departure lounge was full of Argo coaches and cheerleaders, eager to get home.
Weeks later “Pinball” appeared on Bob McCowan’s Prime Time Sports Broadcast making a Christmas appeal for support to the Michael “Pinball” Clemons Foundation (MPCF).  The foundation had a goal to build 131 schools in Africa in association with Free the Children.  My wife Barbara and I watched the appeal and were both inspired to get involved. We decided to make the MPCF his focus for his annual fundraising campaign.  We invited Clemons to come speak to some of our clients about his vision.  Pinball agreed and on a very snowy Sunday afternoon the first step was taken on a remarkable journey.  That afternoon, enough money was raised to build two schools.” – Bill. H

No matter who you are, or where you’re from, there’s a place for you in the Toronto Argonauts family. Join the Grey Cup Champions this season and see what all the buzz is about. Come make some new friends of your own at the pre-game tailgates, while making memories you won’t forget! See you in June.

Written by: Admiral, Reagan Bradnam (Twitter: reagan_bradnam, Instagram: ReaganBradnam).


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