The Argos Admirals 12 Days of Christmas

We wish you a Double Blue Christmas!

We’re at the tipping point of the off-season; it feels like forever since the Argos season ended, and it’s a long way until spring training begins. With that in mind I’d like to extend a few Christmas wishes to the Argonauts and their fans with the oft-used 12 days of Christmas refrain to celebrate the coming 2016 Season at BMO field..

On the 12th day of Christmas, an Argos fan wants to see…

Twelve winners winning, -twelve regular season wins should have them in position to host a playoff game and give fans a reason to get loud at their new home. It takes 12 players in all three facets of the game to #pulltogether and get to the Grey Cup.
Eleven drummers drumming –here’s hoping the crazy band of drummers on the goal line are able to transfer their seats over to the new field. Great for atmosphere and important for goal-line stands where we want to make it difficult for the opposing offense to hear anything. “DEE-FENCE! BOOM-BOOM!”
Ten weeks of sunshine –we’ll be sitting outdoors after all.
Nine consistent home games –same time, same place, it should be great to provide some stability to the players and coaching staff by having home games at a real home.
Eight returning starters –having players return with some experience under their belts on both offence and defense should help with consistency, and maybe cut down on the rookie mistakes and penalties that plagued the team so much of last season. It also leaves room for a couple new players to step up and seize the day.
Seven coaches coaching –maybe the team has more, but the Milanovich coach factory has supplied half the league with head coaches in recent weeks. With new ownership not so worried about cost-cutting perhaps the team can attract and keep quality assistant coaches and provide stability and consistency to the product on the field.
Six points scoring –the best part of the game, special teams, pick-sixes, hard runs, long passes, one-handed catches…we love touchdowns, and lots of them.
Fiiiiiiiiiive reeeeaalllly big crowds –staying optimistic, but knowing rebuilding the fan-base will take some time and effort. Still not sure of the seating capacity of BMO for football, but lets say 25,000 (I’m sure it’s more.) If the team can draw 5 crowds in the 23,000 –plus range in their first season in their new home and create a loud and raucous experience I’d be happy with that. Figure Saskatchewan with the evil Chris Jones, Hamilton twice, Ottawa and maybe Montreal late in the season if the playoff race is close. I’m sure the new regime would like to see more than that, but the Golden Fleece wasn’t captured in a day.
Four hours of fun –tailgating before and kids’ activities afterwards. For a team and a league that continuously looks to renew their following amongst younger fans, is there a better opportunity than letting kids on the field to run end-zone to end-zone or high-five the cheer squad after the game?
Three French horns -and some trombones, trumpets, clarinets, flutes, tubas, drums and the guy with the crashing cymbals. Here’s hoping the Argonotes find a section to be in, or on the field, as well as outside before and after the game. They’re fun to have performing and their enthusiasm is contagious.
Two home playoff wins –with the 2016 Grey Cup being in Toronto, what better way to end the 2016 season than with a 2-game home winning streak. Cue the double-blue confetti.

And season tickets under the Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! #IsItJuneYet?

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