Argos-Ticats: Top Fan Takes.

Toronto Argonauts fans cheer during a match against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats during first half CFL action in Toronto on Friday, September 11, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Aaron Vincent Elkaim

The CFL is a different league. What’s so different about it? Well the CFL in my opinion is a fan’s league, not some multi-billion dollar conglomerate with more interest in slapping more commercialisation onto it’s brand like most other pro leagues. No, when I go to a CFL game, or watch one on television, I get the sense that the product on the field is for me, the average fan. With the CFL being a fan’s league, and this being the official fan-site of the Toronto Argos, it only makes sense to interact with the fans. After each home game, the top “Fan Takes” will appear here. If I don’t get a chance to interview you, your voice can still be heard just tweet me your fan take @chris_zorbas97 with #AdmiralFanTake and it may appear in the story! With that out of the way, lets get to the first take, mine.

Even though the Argos lost, I saw some significant improvement in a lot of areas. First off the play calling was much more aggressive as the Argos took more deep shots than I had seen them take all season, connecting on enough of them to show that the vaunted Ticats defense was not impenetrable. I also particularly loved the creativity the Boatmen showed in short yardage, using mobile QB Adrian McPherson as more of a decoy to get play-makers to the edge, this tactic paid dividends in multiple third and short situations.

Sept 11, 2015; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Hamilton Tiger-Cats defeat the Toronto Argonauts 35-27 at the Rogers Centre. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski

Sept 11, 2015; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Hamilton Tiger-Cats defeat the Toronto Argonauts 35-27 at the Rogers Centre. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski

Now onto other fans.

Evan Conroy liked the second half fight

“Toronto really got going in the second half, got the ball moving.” Said Conroy before criticizing the officiating “Too many penalties,” remarked Evan “For both teams”

James Altov was enjoying his first Argos game in five years and was not impressed with the officials.

“It was great to see the city, and the fans how excited they were” said James “But the refing was brutal, penalties just cost them (Argos) the game pretty much.”

Jeff Altov enjoyed the game.

“After being blown out on labour day I thought they played pretty well” said Jeff “I thought the defense played well, the offense should’ve put some more points on the board”

Going against the grain, Jeff pointed out some of the calls were good ones, and the outcome of the game doesn’t always rest in the official’s hand.

“Some of the calls I guess wasn’t the refs fault, some offsides some holdings, they were marginal, maybe they were there, I don’t know,” said Jeff “But they guys should concentrate on playing a clean game, and catching the ball.”

The Argos next home game is October 6th against the Ottawa RedBlacks.

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