Admiral Journal 6 – GameDay

Well here it is, AAJ6 which was promised months ago when I made the commitment to do more this past season…. Sorry! I must say that 2014 was a massive learning curve for me personally and professionally, while trying to come to terms with a new position and be more involved as an Argo Admiral as stated in AAJ5 I would honestly consider the effort a massive fail! Yet, here I am. With that said this is my 6th attempt at this piece and have simply decided to throw it out there in hopes it makes sense and stays true to my plan of attracting new fans while giving the current fan base something to think about when bringing in the newbies…

#AdmiralMJ and myself have decided to try and explain what brings us to being season ticket holders and travel the amount we do, week in and week out, so here goes. Over the years our trips have morphed into a 24 hour event rather than a 3 hour game. We believe this is the key to attracting new fans which in turn relies on existing fans to lead them through the process. Let me explain. The Game itself is still the Main Event, however there is more to it than that if you wish to take advantage of the full CFL or Argo experience. With the lack of Tailgating for whatever reason in Toronto we have made an effort to meet up with fellow Argo fans either in our hotel room or a local establishment for snacks, drinks, laughs, and of course Argo talk. This is probably the greatest thing we have gained over the years, the friends! (you know who you are) Think about it, going to games and then still in the meantime meeting and earning some lifelong friends who share the same passion? How can you go wrong? Let us now move onto the game itself….

With the Game Day bag slung over my shoulder we make our way to #section122 (the best section, but I am a little biased) to watch the pre game warm ups. This to is something we look forward to game in and game out. With some shouting and waving to some of our favorite players during this time, it has become a ritual for myself to acknowledge a certain #5 from the greatest of all sections with a simple point of my finger and of course that is returned from the man himself. A little closer to game time now and the excitement truly begins with the arrival of #MrJumboTron and the rest of ArgosEndZone. Stadium horns in hand and of course the war helmut makes an appearance at times, oh and can not forget the cowbell. We know we are loud because a certain group has now moved closer to us to BRING THE NOISE!

We skip the game part based on the fact I assume you all have seen one?

With the game complete we now shift our focus to the Post Game get together! This is the staple event to our road trip. A chance to hang out with friends/fans/players and of course the always lovely ArgosCheer. I mean, where else do you get this kind of interaction with pro athletes and cheerleaders who are amazing role models for both boys and girls. The post game is the tip of the cap to our road trip. Watching #AdmiralMJ interact with some amazing players who we have held dear to us over the years and of course the amazing ladies of ArgosCheer who have embraced us throughout the years, it is truly something to behold. This is the time you realize just how special this league is…

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1 Comment on Admiral Journal 6 – GameDay

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your blog. Our family love the Argos & CFL experience and take full advantage whenever we can. Made many great friends at the Argos games.

    Furthermore, since my son Liam was 9, we have used our love for this game to travel across Canada from the Maritimes (Touchdown Atlantic) to Vancouver and all the CFL cities in between. We had so much fun in Moncton that we haven’t missed a Grey Cup game since. In between we have periodically visited cities/stadiums for Argos away games. We have now have friends coast-to-coast.

    We always spend extra time learning the similarities and differences that make up this great country! We are very excited about Fort MacMurray and will spend time the day before touring the Suncor facilities.

    In addition to Liam’s love of the Argos and the CFL, he know has a great love and pride for Canada! Along the way, I have learned so much as well!

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