A Year of Opportunities for Trevor Harris

TORONTO – Tremendous talent in our young guys has been displayed over the past

3 days here at York University. Wednesday marked the first day of rookie/quarterback

training camp and Friday it came to a close.

Returning rookies have been working extra hard to secure a spot on the team.

“I know Darvin (Adams) and a couple of the guys that were here toward the end and

they’re doing a great job,” said third year quarterback Trevor Harris. “But, all of the

rookies are doing a tremendous job hustling, running of the ball, and buying in.”

Last year during quarterback camp, it was known as “The Battle of the Backup”

between Trevor Harris and Zach Collaros. Collaros earned his spot as backup, and

proved to Argos fans that he was a great choice. He played 14 games last season and

was the starting quarterback for 7 games, due to Ricky Ray’s numerous injuries. He

completed 190 of 287 pass attempts – a completion percentage of 66.2%. However,

come off-season, Collaros became a free agent who ended up signing with our rivals,

the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

This year Harris will have an opportunity to prove himself as a strong quarterback

able to step in place of Ricky Ray. The 27-year-old looks to further improve his play,

which has been impressive throughout the last two seasons. In the second preseason

game of the 2012 season, Harris completed 13 of 15 passes for 160 yards and two

touchdowns, a solid performance that ensured him a spot on the roster. In first game of

the following preseason, he completed 8 of 11 passes for 115 yards. Harris went on to

complete 9 of 15 passes in the 2013 season for 176 yards, which was an upgrade from

the previous season.

“If I’m called upon that’s absolutely what I’d be ready to do,” said Harris, referring to

backing Ray in the event of being called upon to play. “That’s why we’re all here.”

Despite the threat of a lockout looming, Harris is eager to continue his success in the

Argos’ organization and feels better than ever about the season ahead.

“You know the offence, you’re more comfortable with the coaches, [and] you know what

they expect,” said Harris, “You just know what they need to see from you and so you

just prepare yourself every offseason a little bit better.”


– Georgia and Hannah

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