The Cheer Diaries 1.0 #CheerFinals

Sunday March 30th marked our second trip to the Scarborough Town center in as many years for the Toronto Argonauts Cheer Finals. The stage was set for a remarkable fun filled afternoon of dance, cheering, and meeting up with fellow fans! This has become our “OFFICIAL” kickoff to the 2014 Argos season, the Blue Rose ceremony. As the crowd grew we realized that we were not alone in this thinking, and the turnout was amazing! There were strong showings from #Section122 as #MrJumboTron made an appearance along with members from section 134B. The biggest group however was from the #JrCheer Alumni! This I am sure brought the biggest smile to Head Coach Jorie Brown’s face as they arrived in uniform, poms in hand, and cheering in force. At this point the story will now switch to Mj’s views and thoughts on the day with of course a little help from myself in expressing them with full intentions of having less involvement in her work as she begins her journey as an Argo Admiral. Enjoy!
We arrived early as usual and spent some time just wandering the Center before heading back to the cheer stage which we passed by a little earlier after arriving. I made sure we were front row as opposed to last year hoping for a much better view and experience. The fans just kept coming and Jason was there to greet them, it was impressive, glad we were early! Finally the introductions of the celebrity judges had started including Karl Wolf and Jorie Brown. With the introductions complete the girls came down in smaller groups and danced in pairs. As they danced I couldn’t help but think “I wished I was one of them”. I was happy to see some familiar faces like Nikki and Paula back for the tryouts along with of course, Jackie and Jess (Team Captains). It was clear to me that the dancers were ready as their moves where “sharp and in time” with the music.
The judges took turns with the mic asking questions with the odd joke and some vocals from Karl Wolf. (Wow can he sing!) Some of the questions were tough but the ladies got through it just fine, always smiling and having fun. The day finished off with the Blue Rose ceremony and my fingers were crossed for the returning ladies, especially for Nikki and Paula to make the squad, they did. There was also a “WildCard” spot for three of the girls to be voted on by the fans. Congratulations goes out to Mar, for being named the team! When the Blue Roses were handed out the pictures and selfies began. Interviews were conducted with all involved and so the 2014 Argos Cheer season has begun! I got a picture with some of the girls and of course, I chased down Karl Wolf with some of my #JrCheer friends and got a picture and my CD signed! Thank you Taylor for your help in that one.
So that was that, another fun road trip for us to see some amazing dancing, judges, friends and fellow fans! What a way to build excitement for the upcoming Argo season! We hung out for a little longer just to visit until I packed up my training poms, which JB surprised me with earlier in the day, and said my goodbyes. On the way home all I could think was… How did you spend your Sunday on March 30th? Keep this in mind for next year as @ArgoAdmiralMJ and @NMQ95 will be in attendance again for the beginning of the 2015 Toronto Argonauts Cheerleaders season. I know Steve will be there cheering loud, “I still think I can out cheer you Steve!” (MJ’s words not mine) See you there cheering on Blue Thunder!


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