Identity Crisis?


Last night I donned an Argos helmet to fit with my Riders’ jersey. Who’d have thunk the moment would be so prophetic to the rest of my evening.

Two teams marched deep into the midst of an identity crisis.

TSN called the Argos’ 31-29 win last night in Regina, ‘a back and forth game’. I strongly disagree.

The two quarters that Toronto played, proved to be a hair more productive than the two quarters Saskatchewan played. I can’t help but feel bitterly disappointed in both of my favourite two teams in the CFL. Neither showed championship calibre form.

Take injuries out of the equation, because injuries are part of football. This game was littered with ball control issues, penalties, coverage breakdowns, and other missed assignments. Each team committed 4 turnovers – although Toronto did a better job of converting those turnovers into points.

Quite simply, neither team resembled the identity they had so painstakingly carved out for themselves over the course of the season. Coaches say that losses reveal weaknesses in your team. What do ugly wins reveal?

I freely admit that I am writing this article with green tinted sunglasses. After an unsightly loss to Winnipeg last week, my Roughriders looked awful for exactly half the game. We have an amazing coaching staff, incredible talent and depth, veteran presence – and we played like that?

Last year in Regina, a seven minute, 2nd quarter, Ricky Ray engineered drive into the wind for the touchdown, marked the beginning of the Argos’ drive to the 100th Grey Cup. My Roughriders lost that game, but I walked away with an overwhelming sense that OUR Argos were legitimate contenders for the crown.

Will Argo fans feel as prophetic about this win in Regina?

I watched the game last night at Andrew’s parent’s home (a fellow Admiral). Despite sporting a green jersey, they let me through the door to take in last night’s affair. Argo memorabilia filled their home. They fed my daughter and I steak supper and they treated me like family – CFL family. It made the whole ordeal so much more palatable.

They certainly were happy after the clock hit 00:00 last night, but I think Andrew said it best, “Neither team deserved to win that game, but Saskatchewan deserved to not win it more.”

I am certain the coaching staffs of both squads already know that much work needs to be done between now and November 24. Let’s hope that when these two teams meet on that day, the Argos will bring their ‘A’ game, and Saskatchewan will be who they have been for much of the year.

About Jarrett Rusnak (40 Articles)
Jarrett Rusnak is President of Dacian Productions Inc.  He concentrates his efforts on writing, producing and directing, though you will also find him behind a camera capturing images, or in an edit suite pushing buttons. He blogs recularily ( and has a habit of referring to himself in the third person when writing bios. Jarrett lives in Toronto, but remains a prairie boy at heart (born and raised in Regina). He has been working in the film & television industry since 1995.

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