Argos Admiral Journal Entry #3: @ArgosCheer Edition

PARRY SOUND, ON – On the eve of yet another Jr.Cheer session with your Toronto Argonauts Cheerleaders, I feel it is time for Argos Admiral Journal #3! Yup, you got it, the best Cheerleaders in the CFL, who give it their all game in and game out, win or lose. I often feel that these ladies do not always get the credit they truly deserve after the countless hours spent rehearsing, taking photos, signing autographs, making public appearances and, of course, their incredible work on game day! These young women always have a smile on their face and represent the Argonauts in true Double Blue fashion.

With that said, I would like to talk about one program that has never faltered or disappeared over the years. We have been a part of the kid’s club and fan days, which, unfortunately, have slowly dissipated over the years, but the one program that continues to exist year in and year out is Jr.Cheer. Not only is this an opportunity of a lifetime for young girls to dance in front of large audiences, but it has also proven to be a stepping stone for young women interested in pursuing future careers in the Arts industry. Just read pages 14 and 15 of the Argos Cheer Magazine for further proof!

My daughter Madison has been involved in the program since 2009 and has not missed a single session. Over that span, it has included 12 practices, six on-field rehearsals, two sideline dances and, of course, six halftime performances in front of the Double Blue faithful! This does not include the memories or the friendships she has made over the years. The fitness, self-esteem and, most importantly, the fun Mj has had is well worth the price of admission. These ladies are well-educated, gorgeous, and amazing role models (past and present) for our young children. As a family, we have spent countless hours driving to and from Toronto, and in our minds have created a bond, or friendship of sorts, with some of the ladies even after their cheerleading days are over. I would like to thank all of the wonderful individuals involved in this amazing program and send a special thank you to the wonderful ladies who have impacted my daughter’s life with all their kindness and support!

It has become a family tradition and we certainly would not miss it for the world!

– Nick Quinn, #AdmiralinTheEndzone: @nmq95
#JrCheerAlumni: @mjmq95

For more information on the Argonauts’ Jr. Cheer program, check out the Junior Cheer page on

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