The Double Blue Mock Game – My First Game – An Interview With Kenny Horsley


OAKVILLE – It’s Saturday afternoon and I was on my way to my first football game. I had my son with me who was also going to his first game, and we were off to see the Toronto Argos play their Double Blue Mock game.  All week my son kept asking me, “Dad, when are we going to the football game?” I just kept telling him that it would be on Saturday and that we would have lots of fun.  We arrived at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School an hour early – yes we were both pumped and excited.

While I was there, I had a chance to speak to and finally meet a friend of mine on twitter, Kevin (@KsCollectables), which was great. I also had a chance to speak with some fellow Admirals, also very exciting. My son had fun before the players arrived by running around the track a few times.  The players began arriving at the field around 1:30 p.m., signed some autographs, took a few pictures, and then began their warm-ups.  Damon Allen and Cory Boyd both were both on hand to watch the game, which was also a crowd pleaser for all.  The Argo Cheerleaders (@ArgosCheer) were there with bean bag and football toss games for the kids. My son wanted to play and every time he came back he would tell me how many bean bags he got in or how many times he got the football in the hole.  He had a blast so thank you ladies 🙂

I had a great time watching the game – watching the offence vs. the defence. Ricky Ray looked in fine form, as well as others on both sides of the ball.  [For game recap check out from] Sitting in the stands it was great to hear the positivity coming from everyone as well as receive their input regarding their expectations from the Argonauts this upcoming season.  Comments like “he looks in mid-season form” or “Man he’s fast” or “What a great kick” we very common to say the least.  Just hearing this from the fans gets me even more pumped up for the upcoming season.

Earlier this week I decided that I wanted the opportunity to speak with a man who signed as a free agent with the Argos on February 21, 2013.  He’s a defensive end that stands about 6’6″ 295lbs who comes to the Argos from Mesabi Range Community College in Virginia, Minnesota where he registered 40 tackles, 16 for a loss, 15 sacks, and one defensive touchdown.  He is a man that I’ve been tweeting with back and forth talking about what he expects and how things are going so far at camp.  My son knew that I was going to talk to him so the whole time at the game he kept saying, “Dad who’s the guy that you are going to interview?” I replied with “After the game, Nate, but see number 98 out there on the field? His name is Kenny Horsley and that’s who I’ll be talking to”.

Following Kenny on Twitter gives me the sense that he is always looking to improve and is his biggest critic of himself, and I respect that. With that being said, here is the conversation that I had with Argonaut newcomer Kenny Horsley.

JG: How do you feel the game went for you today?
KH: It’s a learning process man. I didn’t do too well but we’re going to look at film and see.

JG: What do you feel is the difference between Rookie Camp and when the vets came in? KH: Rookie camp was extremely hard. It was almost like a weed out type, it was real hard, and when the vets came the tempo picked up. It’s a little more relaxed, more guys, and they kept everyone composed.

JG: What kind of presence do you feel you are going to bring to the team?
KH: I’m a big pass rusher. I’ve just got to get my feet wet, get use to the game and everything will fall into place.

JG: Whom do you look to as a leader on this team?
KH: Huntley. Big Huntley. He’s definitely the leader.

JG: What do you do to prepare yourself for practices and games?
KH: Lots of stretching and music, (mostly) rap music.

JG: Up to this point in your football career, what has been your biggest moment so far?
KH: Biggest moment so far… being an Argonaut!
JG: Right on! I like that answer 🙂

JG: What has been the best advice anyone has given you?
KH: Take care of your body at all times.

And the best question of the day goes to my son Nate who asked Kenny this…

NG: Do you like pizza? And what toppings do you like?
KH: I like pizza. I like cheese, pineapple, and ground beef.

Being that this was my first Argos game, my first time doing an interview, and now my first time writing about it, I am pleased with how the day went.  I would like to thank the Argos for having the Double Blue Mock game today and allowing everyone to come. I want to thank all the fans that came out to show their support for the team. I’d like to also thank Kenny for his time to do this interview and talk with me.  Make sure you follow him on Twitter, @KHorsley90.

This has been #TheBeardedAdmiral’s first report, hope you all liked it… hope I can continue to improve myself, and hope to bring everyone more articles.  You can follow me on Twitter @argosadmiral_jg for 140 characters or less reports about OUR Toronto Argos!!!


– JG Green, The Bearded Admiral

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