Argos Admiral Journal Entry #1: “The Plan”

Sitting in a boardroom with journalism students, videographers, and media guru’s with only my beat up Blackberry in hand thinking – what have I got myself into? I am none of the above! It was the first gathering of the Argos Admirals to “kickoff” the 2013 social media season in support of the Toronto Argonauts. A meet and greet for us “newbies” and a quick run down of what is expected, outlining some key dates that are approaching in the days and months ahead. When all topics were wrapped up for the evening, it was clear to me that this was going to be fun!

During my three hour drive home, I came to realize I was there because I am a fan of the Double Blue as were the other members, and that was the whole point of this new adventure! Our backgrounds and future goals were not front and centre. We are fans brought in to engage with other fans and create excitement with a new generation of young Argonaut fans. As a group, we were instructed to try new things and to be creative to produce a social media forum that respects opinions and excitement for all while remembering that, we too, are fans.

This is my attempt at creativity with my perspective on this season and seasons’ past. Think of it as a journal of sorts, to reach people who may not realize how great the CFL and Toronto Argonauts really are. It is about how much fun people are missing before, during, and after games! I have attended many of these events over the years with my family. We have attended Kids Clubs, Family Days, Jersey Launches, Junior Cheer, and many others including See You On The Field and the “post-game get togethers”. Player and fan interaction is the key, and in my opinion is very special, most noticeably with young fans.

So here it is. This is my attempt to bring together fans from #NorthofBarrie as I am from Parry Sound, Ontario. I will share my experiences with these “entries” in hopes to increase the interest in the Toronto Argonauts and the Argos Admirals social media team! This is our game, our team, and our title defence! Be apart of the #Road2Repeat 

– Nick Quinn, #AdmiralinTheEndzone

1 Comment on Argos Admiral Journal Entry #1: “The Plan”

  1. Congrats on the first post Nick. Your friend in the “122” will keep our eye on your posts.


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