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After two days, one night, six states, and two-thousand seven hundred seventy three kilometres, I was able to reach my long sought after destination – a beautiful little girl named Jasmine, in Regina, Saskatchewan – where she’s old enough for a part-time job, but still young enough to jump into my arms and call me ‘daddy’.

There was also still snow laying about.  WTF?

Toronto to Regina, via Chicago.  I like long road trips.  Yoga for the mind.  Nothing to do but keep it between the lines.  Traffic moves between 130 and 140 km/h.

Detroit, Chicago and Minneapolis were the only major spots where I lost time, but I didn’t mind.  I like seeing the big cities from my view out the windshield.  8 lanes.  10 lanes.  Merge lanes.  Big glass towers.  Old brick industry.  Ball parks.  Park parks.  Highway lines and back bumpers.  Mind my place in the left…

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Jarrett Rusnak is President of Dacian Productions Inc.  He concentrates his efforts on writing, producing and directing, though you will also find him behind a camera capturing images, or in an edit suite pushing buttons. He blogs recularily ( and has a habit of referring to himself in the third person when writing bios. Jarrett lives in Toronto, but remains a prairie boy at heart (born and raised in Regina). He has been working in the film & television industry since 1995.

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