Singer and guitarist Chris Hau is branching out on his own with his first solo record.  The first single “Heroes” will be released on January 31, to be celebrated with one of Hau’s amazing live performances at The Supermarket in Kensington.


After growing his musical skills with Toronto punk rockers The Bloody Five, Chris Hau has branched out on his own with a new sound to match; folk meets pop, perfect for sunshiney days at the beach and bonfire sing-alongs on clear summer nights.  Though Hau’s music appears to be young and light hearted, he’s recently worked to create a more mature and powerful sound, which can be heard in his soon to be released single, “Heroes”.

Chris Hau’s debut single “Heroes” is an elegy to his late uncle Glen Cotter, a former CFL football player and one of the most influential people in Hau’s young life.  Hau teamed up with producer Sean Michael Paddison (Michael Jackson, Vanilla Ice) to record “Heroes”, and the poignant music video is striking visual representation of Hau’s beautiful tribute to a man that meant so much to him.


Glen Cotter was signed to the Toronto Argonauts in the early eighties, but in 1984 he dislocated his shoulder while training.  The injury ended his career when it had barely started. Despite the heartbreak he suffered, Cotter persevered in life and became one of the great role models of Hau’s young life.  A musician in his own right, Cotter was an inspiration to his nephew, and supported him during his formative years as a guitarist.  Sadly, Cotter passed away when Hau was just 16.  At that tender age he immortalized his uncle in a song that will now signal the beginning of Hau’s own promising career as an indie musician.

Hau is currently in his fourth year at Ryerson University at the RTA School of Media, and the video for “Heroes” was created as part of his final project.  Together Chris, his company Reel Music Media, and his mentor Martin Wojtunik ( wrote, directed and edited this amazing video, which stars Hau as himself, and Jim Canale as Glen Cotter.  In an uncanny turn of events, Canale shared a very similar story to cotter; not only were they similar in physical build and appereance, they had also played the offensive guard position in the same farm leagues.  They also both experienced the same injury that cut both their football careers short.  And to top it all off, Canale drove the exact same car that Cotter had driven.  As a result, the pair got along extremely well, appearing for all the world like uncle and nephew.  The video, in a series of flashbacks and pensive shots of Chris, will tell the story of Chris losing his uncle, the pain and despair he felt, and his slowly coming to terms and looking forward with new hope.  And for true authenticity, the video was shot at the Rogers Centre and at Glen Cotter’s old farm.

The single and video will be released at the end of the month, and that release will be celebrated by a live performance at Supermarket in Kensington Market.  The Toronto Argonauts will also be in attendance to help celebrate the launch.

Release date for single: January 31st,  2013

Release date for video: January 31st, 2013

Show: The Supermarket ( 8pm


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