All Stars Shmall stars!

Excuse me!?!  Twenty-seven All Stars named, and the Grey Cup Champions get three? And the CFL is posting this as the official CFL All Star team?

Did anyone notice the fine print on the CFL news release? “Fans were given the opportunity to have their voice heard through the CFL All-Star Balloting Program presented by The Vancouver Province, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Leader-Post, Winnipeg Free Press, National Post, Ottawa Citizen and the Montreal Gazette.” Canada’s largest city does not have a newspaper represented on the All Star balloting program? Nice.

Now close your eyes folks. Imagine a team that has been adrift at sea for six years. Not close to participating in a Grey Cup game. And they acquire a franchise quarterback who leads them to a Grey Cup victory. No one with a temperature within 5 degrees of 98.6 would dispute that the catalyst for this on the field turn around has been Ricky Ray. How more valuable a contribution can a player make than to single-handedly transform a moribund team into a champion?

So the CFL All Star QB is Anthony Calvillo? Can anyone seriously argue that Calvillo’s accomplishments this year outshone those of Ricky Ray? No disrespect Anthony because you’re great and you will be in the hall of fame. But you led a team that has already been at the top of the heap for six years. You played in a system you have been comfortable with for years. Ricky had to learn a brand new system that legitimately took the entire team half the season to understand.  I’ll bet you’d be the first to admit that this was not your year.


Anyone can put together a poll and call it an All Star team, or anything they want. But for the CFL to name its All Stars based on a poll that was not represented in the championship city is a travesty. Come on Mark, pay attention to the details. You’re better than that.

-Mike Mallory-

1 Comment on All Stars Shmall stars!

  1. Bill & Liam Howe // December 4, 2012 at 7:45 am // Reply

    I was just about to write that this was a travesty, until I read your last line!

    Given that the Toronto Sun provided such great coverage down the stretch, I am surprised they did’t participate! I understand that The Toronto Star has been preoccupied with their witch hunt of Mayor Ford. At one point this fall, there was an article in the fall discussing the dearth of championships in Toronto going through the Leafs, Blue Jays, Toronto F.C.and didn’t even mention the Argos! That has not always been the case. I recall in the 60’s and 70’s waiting in anticipation for the afternoon Edition to read their columns on the game I attended the previous day.

    In spite of the Fifth Estate, Toronto rallied behind the Argos and the Argos delivered! And for the first time that I can remember the team is the talk of the town!


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