Six Things to Love About Scott Milanovich

Regardless of what happens on Sunday, the transformation of the Argos has been not only incredible, but heart-warming to the double blue faithful. Not to diminish the contribution of Jim Barker in bringing in the talent, but we must credit Coach Milanovich with doing an outstanding job in moulding this team.
Here are some of the things I love about the way Coach has approached the job:
1. Offensive system – In recognizing that he had an elite quarterback to work with, Coach put together a complex offensive system designed to take advantage of Ricky Ray’s skills.
2. Patience – He told us to be patient and warned us that this system would require adjustment on everyone’s part. He told us that it would take much of the season to get everyone on the same page. He was right. But he also told us it would work. Right again.
3. Top coaches – Many people are only comfortable surrounding themselves with weak people. Coach is the opposite. Chris Jones operates at the top of the game, and after some readjustment in the early season, so does special teams coach Mike O’Shea. Of particular note was what happened when his offensive coordinator, Jonathan Himebauch, accepted a position in the US. Coach knew that very few people could implement his complex offensive scheme, so rather than panic and bring in someone just for the sake of it, he took on the task himself. It will be interesting to see what he will do with this position next year. Does QB coach Jason Maas move up to become OC?
4. Young QBs – At the risk of offending some notables, in my opinion we have not had an elite QB operating at the top of his game in Toronto since Doug Flutie. Just watching Ricky Ray work is euphoric for blue bleeders. But Coach realizes how fleeting it can be relying on one player. I was so encouraged in the last Hamilton game that he gave over one quarter’s work to both Trevor Harris and Zach Collaros. These are our future Ricky Rays, and Coach appears to be nurturing them for the future.
5. Offensive Line – At the first of the year, fans (including myself) were concerned that he didn’t appear committed to overhauling the offensive line. He publicly stated that there was no need to, and that the talent was there. Right one more time.
6. Focus – Wasn’t it a great moment when, after his player showered him with ice water following the Edmonton game, that he looked back in disgust and said “Save it. We haven’t won anything yet.” I love it.
So Coach Milanovich, you have made believers out of thousands of Argo fans. Regardless of what happens in the next two weeks, stay the course. We’re behind you all the way.
– Mike Mallory –

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