Who Are You, and What Have You Done With My Argos?

For the three or four years prior to this one, we didn’t win much, but we knew who we were. We were offensively challenged with instability at QB, and had trouble keeping marches alive. But we had a good defense, and special teams kept us in many games. Simple. Clear. Not exactly what we wanted, but it was us.

This year, we have a great QB, we move the ball well, we have a good defense, and special teams that boast a record breaking kick returner. But we have lost nine games, and we have a different reason for each loss. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Too many penalties at inopportune times cost us the game
  • We moved the ball well, but couldn’t score from the Red Zone
  • Our defense held, but special teams allowed too many kick return touchdowns
  • Our Hall of Fame QB got hurt so our offense stalled(this actually accounted for three games)
  • Our defense suddenly could not stop the run
  • Despite having a record breaking kick returner, our special teams have not contributed a TD all year
  • Opposing QB had too much time (lowest QB sacks in the league) and our secondary couldn’t cover that long.

With two games left, sorry guys, but we don’t know who you are. We’re loyal, and we follow you through thick and thin, but when each game starts, we don’t have a clue who’s playing out there. It’s like going to Church and not recognizing the Mass. Or checking in to a Holiday Inn and finding out it’s a Bed and Breakfast.

The shame of it is that we have great players and a superb coaching staff. There is no area that is particularly weak. In reality, we have three games left (two regular season, plus the first playoff game) to find ourselves. Please show us you are the good football team we think you are.

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