Being an Argo Fan Feels Good This Year

Having a quarterback of Ricky Ray’s stature feels like… well, eating Kraft dinner. Perhaps I should explain.
At opening kick-off of every game there are a few things we simply know. First, we know the Argos are going to be able to move the ball. We know the offence will not make a lot of stupid mistakes. We also know that with the competency of our defence and our special teams, we will be competitive regardless of who we are playing. Fact is, after 11 games, we haven’t been in a game we couldn’t have won. All of this gives us a warm feeling in our tummies – like eating comfort food.
Compare this with our indigestion over the six years preceding this one. Having Michael Bishop at the helm was like eating bone fish – we didn’t know whether we were going to love it or die. And Kerry Joseph, as well as he had played for Ottawa and Saskatchewan, just didn’t fit with our system of the day – like trying to mix garlic and peanut butter.
Oh yes, that brings us to the sour taste we all felt watching the dearly departed Cleo Lemon. Does the name say it all?
So that brings us to 2012 and Ricky. We may not win the Grey Cup, but we now know we are legitimate contenders. We can look forward to every game knowing we will be competitive, and will have a good shot at winning. And we get excited about our entire season secure in the belief that it will be fun to watch. Feels good, doesn’t it?

-Mike Mallory-

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