Single Seat and Limited View Seating Now Available for the SOLD OUT 100th Grey Cup!

TORONTO, Ontario – With the final stadium configuration and broadcast and pageantry holds now cemented, the 100th Grey Cup Festival Committee is pleased to announce that a limited number of single seats have become available for sale for the sold out 100th Grey Cup Championship. These tickets will go on sale via Ticketmaster at 12:00 PM ET (9:00 AM PT) on Friday, September 14.

The demand for tickets has continued ever since the 100-hour lottery sell-out in June, so fans are encouraged to act quickly.   The single seats are available in all locations of the stadium, at all price points; to be sold at the same cost as prior 100th Grey Cup Game tickets. The sale will be a first come, first served basis and can only be purchased as one ticket per transaction.  Each household will have the opportunity to purchase up to four single tickets, each with its own individual transaction. 

In addition, limited view seats are also now available, and can be purchased in pairs or higher groupings.  These seats have a partially obstructed view of the field, and are available in the 100, 200 and 500 levels of the stadium.  Limited view seats will be sold at a reduced rate of that same seat location’s full price value.  Seats with an obstructed view (a greater obstructed view than limited view seats) will also be sold, at accessible seat pricing.  As with the single seat sale maximum purchase, the limited view seats and obstructed view seating cannot exceed four tickets purchased per household.

Beginning November 15, an ‘Invitation to Our Nation’ has been extended for all to come to Toronto for 100th Grey Cup Festival, running straight through to the big game. Much of the programming will be free to the public, and we encourage all to join in.  This is a celebration of our history, country and community that goes beyond football.  There will be no escaping the incredible energy surrounding this centennial celebration of such a treasured national icon. 

* Single seats are defined as those seats with no available consecutive seats on either side.

* Limited view seats will have a portion of the playing field out of view.

* Obstructed view seats have a greater amount of the field out of view than limited view seats.

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