Swayze Waters – No Pressure

After Noel Prefontaine, a legendary kicker in the CFL went down 3 games in with a lingering hip injury, Jim Barker, the GM of the Toronto Argos went and signed the power boot Swayze Waters.  Upon first glance, Waters, with his small frame, would not seem like the most powerful guy, but get him on the field and have him tee off, and you will stand there in awe.

Waters is famous for a YouTube video that was uploaded back in May of 2011 featuring Waters booting through a 60, 65, and 70 yard field goal! “I had some family friends out there that just pushed me back; they wanted to see how far I could go.” However, Waters does not want that kick to be the focus of his attention, with no plans to continue practicing from that distance anytime soon. “It’s not something I work on…the last couple of years I’ve been known as a big leg and I’ve changed my fundamentals in the last year and half to become more accurate.” From any fans perspective, we will make that trade, as we all know he has has the power, let’s just make sure he gets it through the uprights.

An added bonus? He is not afraid to take that distance kick at the end of the game. “I think it’s good to know that if we need that, we can at least attempt it. It’s good to know, end of the game or end of the half that it is possible.”

Aside from the pressure added on to Waters from his famous YouTube clip, he also had to make a big adjustment to the CFL game.  He spent some time in the NFL with Oakland and Pittsburgh, but when he joined the CFL with Edmonton, he was not really given the chance to adjust.  Toronto has provided that for him.  So far in three games, Waters has kicked 7/9 field goals including two past the 50 yard mark.  In addition to that he is averaging a 44 yard punt.  You can only wonder how hard it was for him to adjust the Canadian game.  “Since I’ve gotten here, the first week was kind of crazy.  I got in, in the middle of the night on a short week and got to practice once. I have definitely come along way since that first week.  Where I am at right now, I am very happy with. I feel part of the team.”

Like a lot of other CFL players, Waters has that ongoing dream to go back and kick for an NFL team.  For now, he really is enjoying living and playing in Toronto.  Again from a fan’s perspective, it leaves us sighing in relief as our first impression of Waters has been more then exciting.  “It’s still my dream but it’s definitely great here.  This is a great organization, Toronto is a great city and I am really enjoying my time here.”

Argo fans are excited for Swayze “Swayzz” Waters future with the team all in hopes he can continue the kicking legacy that has been held here in Toronto.

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