Argos Ticket Giveaway! #ArgosAls

Good morning, Argo fans!!  How well can you call a game?

The next Argos home game is on August 6th against the BC Lions and we would like to give YOU two tickets to the game!!

All you need to do for these tickets is predict some important moments of TOMORROW’S game against the Montreal Alouettes.  Answer the five questions below and send us your response BEFORE KICKOFF tomorrow (7:30 pm).  To participate in the contest, leave a comment on this post,  send us your answers through our facebook page:, or tweet your answers to @ArgosAdmirals using the hashtag #ArgosAls

Whoever sends in the most correct answers will receive two tickets to see the Argos on August 6th:

1.  Who will win the game?

2.  How will the first Argonaut points be scored? (touchdown, field goal, rouge, etc…)

3.  Will Ricky Ray throw for OVER or UNDER 300 yards?

4.  Will the sum (total) of the final score be OVER or UNDER 50 points?

5.  Who will score the first Argonaut points in the SECOND HALF?

TIEBREAKER:  What will the final score of the game be?
*We will only look at this answer in the event of a tie based on the previous 5 questions

Good luck to everyone.  Make sure you get your answers in BEFORE KICKOFF tomorrow!!


5 Comments on Argos Ticket Giveaway! #ArgosAls

  1. Nigel Holgate // July 26, 2012 at 1:10 pm // Reply

    1. The Argos will win
    2. First points on a field goal
    3. Ray throws for over 300 yards
    4. Total points will be over 50
    5. Dontrelle Inman opens 2nd half scoring

    Final Score: 37-28 Argos


  2. Argos win.
    First points field goal.
    Ray over 300 yards.
    Points will be over 50.
    Chad Owens gets 1st points in 2nd half.
    Final score Argos 31, Als 28


  3. Lori Bursey // July 26, 2012 at 10:24 pm // Reply

    Argos win
    First points TD
    Ray over 300
    Cory Boyd first points in 2nd half
    Final score Argos 32 Als 28


    • Thanks Lori, I’m assuming based on your final score that your answer to 4 (total final score) is OVER 50. We’ll add that to your answers when we tally it all up after tonight’s game!


  4. Julie Matchuk // July 27, 2012 at 1:26 pm // Reply

    1. Argos win!
    2. First points by field goal
    3. Ray over 300
    4. Total points under 50
    5. Jason Barnes
    Tiebreaker: 23-17 Arrrrrrgooooooos!


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