Etienne Boulay Home Coming


Etienne Boulay 27

Etienne Boulay makes his return to Montreal soil on Friday night. Boulay, a former second round (16th overall) draft choice in 2006, spent six seasons with the Alouette organization before being released this June, one day before the teams first exhibition game.

None-the-less Boulay knew he still had the passion and work ethic to compete in this league, and fortunately so did the Toronto Argonaut organization. After receiving a phone call from Toronto GM Jim Barker, Boulay packed his bags, drove to Toronto, passed team physicals and played his first game in double blue against the Blue Bombers, barley three days later.

Boulay`s next focus remains on the match-up against the Als this Friday. Although he has nothing against the organization that cut him this past June he still wants to win the game very badly. (Not to mention the Argos could do with another two-straight wins to take the conference lead, especially against Montreal, a team who was ruthless last year against the boatmen.) Boulay is motivated more than ever to hit the field because he is put in a situation that allows him to “start fresh“, he is ready to re-invent himself and his game as something that should not go UN-noticed.

Even though Boulay is ready to hit the field and prove himself as a substantial player in CFL, he admits he is excited and looking forward to his return home to see his wife and 11-month-old son. Still in the back of his mind, Boulay understands the importance of this game not to mention the competitiveness of the league and takes this return home as nothing more than pure business.

-Lucas Palleschi

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  1. Etienne Boulay il est un menteur maladive! Retire!


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