Culture Takes Time

First let me say that the work done by the Argos management and coaching staff has been nothing short of brilliant. With predominantly new coaches, largely new offensive line, new offensive and defensive schemes, new linebackers and defensive backfield, and of course, brand new quarterbacks, what they have accomplished is incredible.
Much has been written. They are among the leaders in passing and rushing offense, as well as passing and rushing defense. They have been bitten by penalties and special teams, but those flaws are not only correctible, but likely already largely corrected.
But they have yet to dominate a game. Their red zone production has been anemic, and they have lost two games they could (arguably should) have won. Why? With so many new pieces in the puzzle, this team has yet to find its identity. They have yet to discover who they really are. They are developing confidence in each other, but that confidence is not yet cast in bronze.
This takes time. In any organization of people, there are individual skills and competencies, but the group must develop its collective mojo. This is true in companies, musical groups, charitable organizations, sports teams, etc.
It’s called culture. It takes time to develop. And for the hold-over players, it means first shedding cultures of seven years of previous losing regimes.
Coach Milanovich knows this, and his patient demeanour has been evidence. He also knows that when that culture forms positively, it is powerful. He lived it in Montreal.
It may take a few more games, but when it happens, look for the Argos to start blowing some teams away.

-Mike Mallory-

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