Friday Night Lights


Spencer Watt #89

Its no surprise that this weeks match-up against the Alouettes is going to be an important one. Not only because this game will be played on Friday, (where the rest of the league will be dissecting and paying close attention to both teams strategies) but because who ever wins this game will take sole possession of first place in the East! (that is of course if Hamilton loses)

Being an Argos fan i believe that Toronto, lead by Ray will win the game and sleep happy, but as history shows this season (especially two weeks ago) this is not always the case. The Argos although show more and more promise with their offense and rebuilding defense, its the special teams that hold them back each game. The Argos have allowed on average 28.3 points per game which is 4th in the league, not too bad but ensures that without special teams problems they would be better off.

In saying this the Alouettes have allowed on average 34.8 points per game, leaving them with the second worst record for points allowed in the league. On paper the Argos should be able to run all over the Alouettes defense with 105 passes completed for the year so far, best in the league.

Easy or not, this game comes down to 4 fifteen minute quarters and which ever team decides to show up on game day should be able to take home the victory (cross your fingers for your boys in double blue!). As of right now though both teams should be hard at work getting ready for this weeks match-up because on paper these teams are both at 2-2. In all, the importance of this game surpasses any recorded stat for the past 3 weeks because when games come down to gaining a lead no matter how small/substantial, it becomes a whole new game!

-Lucas Palleschi

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