6 hrs before kickoff and……..I’m just saying.

View from the QEW.

Up until a few years ago (and before the onset of everything finger tips virtual) anyone driving along the eastbound QEW on their way to the Argos game could catch a brief glimpse of the dome and determine whether it was open for the game or not.  This was precisely at the Mississauga exit, and was the only spot to view this on the ride in.  Sadly, on my drive into town this morning I noted that this view is now gone in lieu of condos surrounding the stadium.

Ray and Barnes.

Leading up to the beginning of the season there was as much fuss made about acquiring Ray as there was acquiring Jason Barnes (WR).  Everyone went on about how great the tandem would be and how they know each others tendencies and what not.  Well, three games in and it looks as though Ray and Durie have played together for years rather than Ray and Barnes.  To me, they don’t even look like they are on the same chapter – let alone the same page.,….Barnes sits way south on the WR charts for the league with 109 yards over 7 receptions in the first 3 games.  Lets hope the boys start to click and return to previous form together out west. This would be exciting and welcomed.

15th Year Anniversary of the un official Tailgate.

A couple of my buddies and long time Argonaut fans have been running their own small tailgate before every home game – for probably the last 15 yrs.  A couple of trucks, a couple BBQ’s, a couple coolers.  Usually setting up an hour and a half or two hours before kickoff, the tailgate remains in effect even though construction has swallowed almost all the parking surrounding the dome – and available tailgate space.  If you’re interested in checking it out or meeting some other hardcore fans you can find them in the parking lot at the South West corner of Bremnar and York.  Ask for Crazy Dave or Ping.

Championship Banners

For some reason I found myself at a Jays game a few weeks ago……nothing was of note except the abscence of the Argos Championship Banners and “All time Argos” banners.  Interestingly (and of course) the Jays banners were up…..BUT the Argonauts banners we not.  After attending the past two Argo games I’ve realized that the club is actually putting up the banners on game day.  It’s not a big deal, but why wouldn’t Rogers allow the banners up full time in the house????….Something that just kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

Budweiser magnetic Beers at the dome?

Can someone explain to me why the draught Budweisers are filled from the bottom using a loonie sized magnetic disk that lifts up when the suds are forced upwards? If you’ve not seen this… is neat (and I do know it has something to do with pouring a better beer), but I don’t think it’s really that important or life altering………and of course since the cup it comes in has a Jays logo on it, it always tastes a bit sour.

Note: These beer stands do not have lids for the beer cups. Buying a $10 beer deserves the free insurance of a one cent lid.  Annoying.

Seasons Tickets

If you’ve not had the opportunity to look at the prints of the 2012 season tickets, try to find a season ticket holder to show you.  They were put together in a booklet and done in a very classy fashion.  Well done to whoever came up with the design and concept.  They are so nice that people don’t want to pull them out individually for each game BUT don’t want to chance losing the whole booklet during a game either. Dilemma for the hard core fan.

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