The Wildest Argo-TiCat Game I Can Remember

One could argue that the 1961 Argo team was the best Double Blue team ever (lots of room for argument here). With the likes of Tobin Rote, Dave Mann, Dick Shatto, Cookie Gilchrest, they were considered a shoo-in for the Grey Cup.
In those days, the Eastern final was a two game, total point series. Argos met Hamilton. Argos won the first game easily, 25 – 7. But in the second game, the TiCats were outscoring our boys 20 – 2, tying the series with less than a minute to go. Argos intercepted a Bernie Faloney pass, and returned it to the Hamilton 35 yard line. On the last play of the game, Argos lined up to punt from the ‘Cats 35. All we needed was a punt through the end zone, and we were on our way to the Grey Cup.
The ‘Cats lined up with two “hands” players who could also punt in the end zone (Don Sutherin and Berney Faloney). Mann’s punt was short, and fielded by Sutherin in the end zone. He kicked it out. Dave Mann caught Sutherin’s punt, and kicked it back again. This time it was fielded by Faloney who ran it back 120 yards for a touchdown.
As it turns out, the TD was called back for a blocking infraction, and the series ended in a tie. The shell-shocked Argos collapsed in OT, and Hamilton won by four touchdowns.
Since that game in 1961, every Argo – TiCat meeting for me has been an opportunity for us to seek revenge on the team that knocked us out of the Grey Cup.
But it sure was memorable.

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