Tightening Up Ship


No doubt the Argos performance last Saturday against the the Stampeder’s was definitely one to remember. Even though the Argos out performed the Stamps there was still something left to be desired. Im sure the Argos would be content with a win every week but they way the wins come by are the most important thing.

The Argos, despite their victory were a little unhappy with the way Stampeders star returner, Larry Taylor ran all over the them during the home opener match. Totaling 441 single game combined yards, which amassed a Calgary club record. Though relieved by the win, the Argos were quickly back to work ensuring that a performance such as Taylor’s will never happen to them again.

Though the special teams did let a few slip out of their grasp, they also had some excuse to go along with their performance. This years special teams are new and beginning to form under the playing capabilities of Coach Milanovich, combined with the fact that they had to cover about eight kickoff returns, which has not been done in many seasons.

None the less, the Argos did squeak out their first win of the 2012 CFL season and all of Toronto Argo fans can be super happy about that. Not to mention the coercion of the offense and defense. For me though the best part of last week happened after the game, when the Argos team got back to work, ensuring that their next victories will be easier to come by.

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