Argos/Ray looking for First Win.


Well after the first week the Argos can definitely feel confident with the direction the team is heading. Even though the hyped match-up fell short for the Argos, there were a lot of positives to take away from the game. The defensive play was solid, only allowing 19 points all game, which ranked best in the East for week 1. As for Ray, well he played a solid game, showing his composure and veteran-ism with a last ditch effort to receiver Spencer Watt in the end-zone, which would have had the Argos winning the game, but unfortunately was stripped away because of a holding penalty on the offensive line.

Some of the more disappointing moments of the first game were brought about by penalties which added up to 14 for a total of 118 yards lost, alongside the special teams collapse where Prefontaine missed 2 out of 4 field goals. If not for these minor mishaps, i am not saying the Argos would have won (probably would have) but it would have changed the course of the game for sure.

As Argos fans we can have confidence in Ray leading the Boatmen all the way, after week 1 Ray showed himself as a poised force to be reckoned with. Ray bested Jyles by completing 78% of his passes for 298 yards, throwing 0 interceptions and finishing the game with a 104.4 QB rating, i don’t know about you but that sounds promising to me! But if that does not ensure you please feel free to read this article that explains how quickly and how hard Ray went back to work even after a great performance, providing good team leadership after a loss. With more work the offense continues to gel and show spectacular progress on the field. read article here :

Finally if the special teams effort on Saturday worried you also (especially Prefontaine’s performance), you can rest at ease knowing that Prefontaine was also back to work, making sure to find better chemistry on the field for this Saturday’s match-up against Calgary.

Don’t worry Fans your in for a good one this year and something tells me that we wont have to wait long for the Argos first win!

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