Week 2 Predictions

Wpg @ Mtl

Both teams coming off bad losses.  Winnipeg is down a quarterback (probably) and were spotted shaking trees looking for a starting tailback.  Montreal is on a 5 game losing streak going back to last season.  Is it possible we’re seeing the end of the Montreal mystique?

My Pick: Montreal

Ham @ BC

I read an article in the Montreal Gazzette about how BC and Hamilton were going to be the class of the league this year.  There’s been some questionable personnel decisions in Hamilton thus far this off-season.  37 year-old Henry Burris ($300,000+) and Andy Fantuz ($190,000) combined for 5 catches totalling a lofty 49 yards of offence, or $5,444 per catch (projected over 18 games).

Avon Cobourne ($150,000) watched this game in street clothes, or $8,333 per game.  Hey Mr. Cortez!  I watched that game in street clothes too.  How about we work out some kind of deal?

My Pick: BC

Cal @ Tor

Remember how last week I was saying that Drew Tate is the greatest quarterback to helm Calgary since Jeff Garcia?  Neither do I.  I have said that Ricky Ray will be a difference maker in Toronto.  They wound up losing 19-15 last week to Edmonton, but have mostly themselves to blame.  Ray flirted with 300 yards passing, had a TD pass dropped and another called back due to penalty.  In the meantime, the Argos’ defence held the opposition to under 20 points.  For their part, all Calgary did was dominate Montreal in every facet of the game.  Are they that good, or is Montreal that bad?

My Pick: Toronto

Edm @ Sask

Edmonton ekes out a win over Toronto, exploding for 19 points.  Darian Durant meanwhile, put in an ‘offensive player of the week’ performance, passing for 4 TDs and 390 yards.  Given how tight the west is going to be in this year, the Saskatchewan Roughrider 2012 Home Opener might as well be a playoff game.

My Pick: Saskatchewan

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