WEEK 1 Preview (Toronto vs. Edmonton)

Common Wealth Stadium, The setting for this weeks matchup.

Well it is safe to say that this weeks match-up will be very interesting. Ricky Ray will be looking for blood, (even though his calm and cool personality does not show it) to prove to himself and his former team that the two Grey Cup wins that he captured were anything but flukes. We look for Ray to lead the boatmen down the field and hopefully to a first week victory.

The drama does not stop there though, oh no. Just as Ricky Ray faces his old team so does the Eskimos starting QB, Steven Jyles. (Jyles was traded in a package deal to the Eskimos in return for Ray). Granted that the spotlight will be on Ray, we do expect Jyles to come out with the same passion and intensity to put up a good fight, after-all the Eskimos do come into the league with two of the best receivers (Stamps, Bowman).

In all, this game should be no less than a fast paced, hard hitting match (especially with the new revamped looked at the Argo defense, which was the worst in the league last year). So tune in for this weeks match-up which begins on Saturday 7 p.m. cause its going to be a star studded affair.

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